Operational Solutions Ltd Provides ...

Operational Solutions provides drone defence, specialist equipment and consultancy in support of the defence, aerospace and security sectors.

Our technology is currently being used by Heathrow and Auckland airports (plus other locations we cannot name due to security considerations). We have also provided manpower and equipment in support of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

 As well as delivering counter-UAS solutions, we provide systems to enable and protect legitimate drone use. The utility of UAS is ever-growing - from conducting construction site surveys to delivering organs, and their potential almost limitless. The challenge is not how to keep drones away from critical facilities but actually how to safely integrate them.

With our partners AirShare we are developing an Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system that will control airspace for drones in a similar way to how we manage aeroplanes. Through integration with our FACE software, drones can carry out vital work within protected areas without triggering counter-UAS systems. Real-time information can be fed to the drone operator, and any deviation from pre-planned routes can be assessed and authorised as required. FACE+AirShare facilitates safe drone use in protected areas. 


We are industry leaders at effectively integrating different counter-drone sensors into a layered system of systems to detect, track, identify and defeat drones.

Counter-UAS technology is a fast-growing sector, but there is no one platform that can detect all of the threats all of the time.  OSL offers a truly unique integration platform – called FACE (Fusion Assessment Control Engine) – that intelligently fuses and integrates different sensors. This provides a solution far more powerful than the sum of its parts whilst being highly intuitive and easy to operate. 


 We routinely combine a variety of radars, radio frequency detectors and AI enabled cameras from a wide range of manufacturers. Where legislation allows we can integrate defeat options such as jammers and kinetic systems - which can be automatically or semi-automatically triggered as local rules allow.

The result is a comprehensive air picture that is simple to understand and interrogate, and that allows data to be exported. Harnessing competing technologies provides the customer with the reassurance of a layered approach to drone-detection and defeat. They also benefit from the peace of mind provided by enhanced and highly automated decision support system.