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OSL will be showcasing our combined CUAS/UTM solution at the World Air Traffic Management Congress in Madrid from 10-12 March 2020. Our FACE Intelligent Fusion Command and Control interface now features embedded UTM following the recent signing of an MoU between OSL and AirShare (an Airways New Zealand company).

At the WATMC we will link live to multiple layered sensors at our test site in the UK. Weather permitting we will fly live drones to show the sensors tracking the drones in FACE and be able to demonstrate how the embedded AirShare UTM functionality allows FACE to automatically ID co-operative drones as friendly and monitor them as they execute their missions, alerting the user automatically if the authorised flight plan is breached. In the event of poor weather we will be able show the capability using a mixture of real-time simulation and video recordings.

Limited dedicated demo slots are available for Air National Service Providers, Airlines, airport owners and operators and other interested parties / airspace authorities. To request a demo please book a slot via this link

To learn more about the AirShare UTM system and how it can help you integrate approved drone operations into your airspace please go to

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To find out more about OSL and our FACE software, including the recent press release confirming that we are the system integrator and prime contractor for the London Heathrow counter drone system, please visit our main website.

LIVE Demonstration

For our live-link demos at WATMC, OSL has fielded a typical layered sensor system-of-systems at our UK based test and development facility. 

Our FACE software is designed to work with a wide range of sensors from all manufacturers but the sensors we have selected for this demo are typical of what might be used to protect a medium sized location, although, of course, using more sensors increases the coverage area and FACE automatically and intelligently fuses and correlates sensor data between different sensor types to always give the user the most accurate and up to date situational awareness. 

The current planned lay down is as follows (please note that operational and development priorities may result in last minute changes):

Planned Lay down


Robin Elvira Radar

A dedicated drone detection radar that offers exceptional value for money and world-leading drone classification combined with 360 degree coverage.


Rinicom SkyPatriot

A family of industry-leading early warning optical drone detection systems. They use powerful AI video analytic software to rapidly and reliably detect, track, and classify multiple drones located kilometres away, in real-time. For this demo we will be using the 360 degree SkyHunter variant


DJI Aeroscope G8

AeroScope is DJI’s own detection system to give detailed flight telemetry including the flight path of the UAV, serial numbers and more information, including pilot location, to help prevent unauthorised flights. Integrated into the OSL CUAS/UTM system through FACE this is particularly powerful for confirming the location and stats of approved flights.


APS Ctrl+Sky

The APS radar is a 3D 90 degree radar with high accuracy and no moving parts. With a particularly small form factor it is especially useful for providing detailed surveillance of difficult to cover blind spots.


EO/IR Camera with AI

For additional EO/IR camera capability we will also deploy a generic CCTV camera from Scott Total Security. Combined with the Rinicom InSight AI board to give it drone classification capability.